Who Uses Adept?


With extensive experience in detail and feature surveys, site context and site analysis (including heritage buildings and heritage precincts), we can offer comprehensive plan solutions in a format to suit your needs. Products are suitable for illustrating feasibility studies, conceptual and planning application phases, and include detailed plan and elevation views, as well as 3D digital data to incorporate in your models.

Home Owners / Investors

Renovating or rebuilding on near the boundary or simply planning that extension? We can provide measurement of existing structures, levels and plans in multiple formats for town planning (satisfying REScode requirements) or to meet the conditions of your building permit.

Property Developers

Discuss your ideas with us and discover the possibilities of your site. Take an interactive walk through online resources in our office. Do you know if your proposal will fit on the block? What rights do others have over your land or the access to your land?  What rights and/or restrictions are there on your title? We have the answers to your questions.

Builders, earthworks contractors and concreters

Setting out on a sloping or irregular block? Do you need to transfer levels? Save time and money, and avoid spending all day trying to get that setout in the right spot.


Need to get measurements in inaccessible locations? Are you concerned enough about deformation to monitor existing and adjacent structures or ground levels? Are interior details and beam locations important to the overall outcome? We have the solutions to your problems.

Town Planners

We can assist with Site Context/Analysis plans and data, remote measurement and mapping of objects or features, relative or AHD site and floor levels, or simply mapping the existing conditions prior to planning applications.


We can provide assistance to applications for Old (General) Law land conversions, boundary realignments, fencing realignment or advice on equitable interests in land. Does a covenant require removal? Do you need a survey to assist proving abandonment of an easement or restriction on title prior to its removal from title?

Local Government

Have a problem regarding encroachment on council controlled lands, R.O.W.’s and reserves? We can assist with closure or abandonment of roads and carriageways, subdivision and disposal of land, levels and features for proposed structures, parks, gardens, watercourses and general works.

Real Estate, Property Professionals, and Liquor Licence Applicants

When the lease or lettable areas need clear definition, call us to arrange comprehensive plans and lettable area measurements of all spaces. Drawing ‘Redline’ plans for Liquor Licence applications can be difficult and time consuming, so call us to help produce the plans that have all areas measured and accurately calculated.