What We Do


Site Context Analysis and Feature surveys for town Planning requirements

We work throughout Melbourne and when it comes to planning applications, we are familiar with the varying requirements of each council. We can advise you on the appropriate scope of surveys required and provide plans suitable for application to council and/or data straight to your architect or draftsperson.

Australian Height Datum Levels for Flood Management

Want to build or renovate in an area close to watercourses? Are you in a Special Building Overlay in your local Planning Scheme and want to alter the building? You’ll need a Licensed Surveyor to authenticate levels in and around the site including the existing Floor Level. We can provide plans and correspondence to authorities on your behalf.

Title Reestablishment and Check surveys

You know where your fence is but do you know where the entitlement described in your land title actually is on the ground? Will this affect your improvement plans for the site? Do you have possession of all of this land or may others have gained rights or are occupying part of this land? Title Reestablishment and check surveys will provide a complete picture of where you stand. In most cases, we will mark all corners on the day of the survey so you can see immediately where boundaries shown on the paper title are on the ground.

Subdivision and Consolidation of land

Land and building subdivision is our specialty. Only a Licensed Surveyor can determine and mark your title boundary, subdivide or consolidate land, and create or remove easements. We will guide you through the process and manage all interactions with council, or simply provide the plans for your project.

Redevelopment of Strata developments and boundary realignments

Do you have an inappropriate subdivision of lots with common property? Is the membership of the body corporate interested in altering the shape and/or entitlements of lot holders? Are you aware of the costs involved? We can prepare reports for consideration and action that potentially provides more suitable outcomes for all lot holders.

Applications for Adverse Possession

Do you know or suspect that you occupy more land than is in your title?  Do you need to formalise ownership of land under your control or realign the lot boundaries between two lots? A Licensed Land Surveyor is an authorised person able to measure, map, and present information leading to applications and recognition of formal ownership (registered proprietorship) in these situations.

Construction setout and site control

We can assist in the set out of building and structures from your plans including verification of the location and finished levels of the structures. We have many years experience in the setout of houses, units, engineered structures, multi storey buildings, and similar structures in a variety of locations around Melbourne and it’s surrounds.

Feasibility studies and due diligence surveys

Are there hidden costs or issues with your development plans? What restrictions are there to the land use? Are the quoted areas in sales and lease documents/brochures correct? Contact us to address these concerns.