About Us


Our Principal, Jeremy Pearce has 25 years of extensive experience in cadastral (title) surveying, engineering surveying, and land development. We are agile, responsive and flexible to your needs and extensively employ modern technologies and information systems to not only meet your requirements, but ensure we match needs of the end user with our products and services.

We have broad experience in all stages of project delivery, including but not limited to:

  • Site Context Analysis and Feature Surveys for Town Planning requirements
  • Australian Height Datum Levels for Flood Level determinations
  • Title Re-establishment and Check surveys
  • Subdivision and Consolidation of land
  • Feasibility studies
  • Redevelopment of Strata sites
  • Land boundary realignments
  • Applications for Adverse Possession
  • Construction setout and site control.

We travel throughout Melbourne and its surrounds performing all manner of surveys, so don’t think our location limits our ability to assist you.

Adept Surveys work closely with partner firms including Architects, Town Planners, Solicitors, Building Designers and Drafting Services, in order to bring your projects to fruition using experienced professionals. We regularly deal with Local Government Officers, Service Authorities and Government Departments.

We place a strong emphasis on providing the most appropriate techniques, methods, and deliverables to you and all those that will use our end products – we believe that what we produce should be “fit for purpose” every time. We work hard to deliver a result that seamlessly integrates with our client’s needs, ensuring savings to you throughout the entire project.

Our services includes the management of the planning process with local government. We will prepare and submit your application, manage the interactions with councils and service authorities, and provide pertinent and timely advice when required.