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As Licensed Land Surveyors, we measure, monitor, map. Professionally presenting information you’ll need for planning & construction.

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Are you thinking that ‘land and building redevelopment ain’t easy’? Yes, changing the purpose of land and building construction is complex, so choosing the right team will make your life easier. Because if you can get your initial planning right, then each following step will correctly sequence and your project will surely be far more successful.

In fact, your land surveyor is essential to you developing solid foundations within your project.

When making your choice, here’s 3 keys to consider…

  • ‘Rough enough’ is not good enough. You need surveyors who are articulate in their calculations & plans.
  • Save your time & energy. When each communication to you is specific and guiding you, then your planned outcome is protected.
  • Proper coordination?, Many tasks are time sensitive and having a responsive surveying team gives everyone more confidence.
Clients say, ‘Adept’ is easier to work with

The people that need us – owners, architects, engineers and property portfolio managers say Adept more consistently deliver the professional results they require. This makes their projects easier to manage. The key is delivering on our promise and we’re pleased to help.


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You’ll receive a same day reply to your first inquiry. A concise proposal and quotation once your works are scoped. Plus you can meet us first. Because if you’re worried about how to proceed, then a free consultation at our office might be just the guiding hand you need.

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